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Experienced &
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Meet The Team


Paul Riss

Mr. Riss has 30 years of experience with 1933 and 1934 Act filings as CEO of a publicly traded company and as a CPA with Ernst & Young.


He is a board member of an equity-based funding portal and a member of FINRA.  As the CEO of a Nasdaq-listed technology company he was selected as a 2001 finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award program for the Connecticut / Hudson Valley region.  Mr. Riss earned an MBA with distinction from the Stern School of Business at New York University and was a Magna Cum Laude graduate with distinction from Carleton College.  In 2000, he won the James P. Kelly Award for distinguished public service by a member of the Westchester chapter of the New York State Society of Public Accountants.  Mr. Riss wrote and directed 10 musical parodies to raise money for college scholarships. 

Charles Gryba P. Eng. - His geology experience, mining methods and advances to the mining industry make him a desired resource company executive. Today Mr. Gryba is acting as Strategic Advisor for our wholly owned subsidiary Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. He is instrumental in the geological, technical and mining decision-making for the Company's Gowan and Beck Ottaway project.

Prairie Fire Enterprises (Project Manager)

This Canadian consulting company consists of industry experienced professionals including an internationally experienced geologist and field corporate operations manager familiar with exploration and mining in Timmins. Prairie Fire specializes in green fields, project to mine-based exploration, project generation, project supervision and coordination, design and execution of drilling programs, application and integration of geological - geophysical - geochemical sampling techniques, processing and interpretation of geological/drilling datasets, geological and resource modeling, and technical reporting.

David Beling P.E.- During the past 57 years, Mr. Beling examined, significantly reviewed, or was directly involved with 88 underground mines, 131 open-pit mines and 164 process plants around the world. He also developed, enhanced, and obtained financing for several mining companies, mainly in the copper, gold, cobalt, nickel, and uranium sectors.

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