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Partnership that just makes sense

Fortune Nicklel and Gold Logo Wbg.png

Fortune intends to become a player in the exploration and production of nickel, gold, and other precious metals internationally. The company is focused primarily on nickel exploration as the battery metals are projected to explode in the coming years along with the electric vehicle ("EV") market. The company's core mission is to supply the major nickel contracts awarded by the largest EV manufacturer in the world.

Logo ICF.png

ICF Industries Inc. is an international distribution, consulting and sales organization committed to finding revolutionary and visionary products to ensure reliable sales and maximize profits.  ICF Industries does not limit itself to one industry or service, and instead monitors and anticipates market trends to achieve its goal of mass distributing an array of superior products.

KRTL HOLDINGS Black Text.png

KRTL Holding Group operates its wholly owned subsidiaries, KRTL Biotech, Inc. and KRTL International Corp., with precision and excellence that continues to create and strengthen KRTL’s reputation. This allows KRTL Holding Group to capitalize on any range of investment opportunities from the regulated cannabis industry to consulting and distribution in the Agri-Tech space. KRTL’s affiliate, 

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