Searching for undervalued assets in the mining, real estate, and securities industries.

Beck & Ottaway Project
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Here To Serve Holding Corp. (OTC:HTSC) is a company that hunts for undervalued assets in a vast array of industries. HTSC holds both public company equities and private company equities that management believes will unlock a substantial valuation for shareholders. 


HTSC operates through different subsidiary companies:


 Wholly owned subsidiary Fortune Nickel and Gold Inc. owns 177 mining cells in the Timmins mining camp in Ontario Canada which are highly prolific to nickel, gold and copper. A drill program is currently underway for the company's Beck and Ottaway project. Drill targets are defined.


HTSC wholly owned subsidiary ICF Industries owns a highly diversified basket of minority positions in publicly traded equities. It receives these equity positions in exchange for corporate services provided by its corporate entity Executive Industries. ICF Industries also owns a 15% equity stake in KRTL Biotech. KRTL Biotech has KFDA approval to study Psilocybin in South Korea with its highly ambitious team of doctors, chemists and researchers to help cure debilitating disease. ICF Industries also owns Transcendence Age Corp. Transcendence Age builds large scale CBD and Cannabis infrastructure grow projects internationally using their team of civil engineers, growers, and labororers.

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